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Antonio White - Our First College Scholarship Recipient

My name is Antonio White, a past student of Oracabessa High School. I enjoy reading, listening to music and learning new things. Life has taught me how to be passionate towards self-improvement and self- development which makes me challenge myself and never want to give up in life. I have been accepted to the Shortwood Teachers' College within the last three years, but due to lack of finances, I had no choice but to defer going to college. My deferment was about to expire in Fall 2021 when a scholarship opportunity presented itself. I applied and was successful in receiving an award of US$2,000 per year towards my degree. Finally, I have been given the opportunity to attend the Shortwood Teachers' College to pursue my dream of becoming a Teacher of Mathematics and to earn a Bachelor's Degree in secondary education. All this was made possible through D Terrence Foster Foundation Inc. in Stockbridge, Georgia, USA. Thank you Dr. Max and Ms. Althea! I am honored and grateful for this needed help and will endeavor to do my very best in my studies to make my family proud and also your Foundation. Thank you!

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