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After years of no Christmas treat for the kids in my community of Airy Castle, St. Thomas, D Terrence Foster Foundation brought smiles to those little faces once more at our recent Christmas Treat. The kids were treated to toys, snacks, ice cream, rides, etc. Thanks to my Beloved D Terrence Foster for his generosity. Thanks to Janet Raglan for being our hands and feet on the ground, along with Joy, Kerri Ann, and others who helped with treating the kids. Thanks to my sisters Norma Ossie, Coleen Osbourne, Del & Lisa, Val Ferguson, Karry & Andrea. My bro Michael. Granville Fullerton for coming on short notice. All the parents who came out. Minn Sutherland, Principal at the basic school for allowing us to use the school grounds and facilities. Thank you all! Hope we can revive this to an annual event. Much blessings and a happy New Year to all.

You can be a part of these events. Donate online at

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